Family Friendly Fun!

Birthday shows are for the kids but I love it when the adults stick around to watch. It can make the show truly family friendly fun.

At one recent birthday party, a return visit for a now 8 year old girl, there was a lovely gaggle of family and friends present. These ‘big kids’ enjoyed the show too. It doesn’t happen every show but when it does there’s an extra layer of fun to be had; subtle jokes and gags I can toss in to keep the big kids on their toes.

Received a lovely email from this birthday party mom afterwards which included pics of adult reactions to birthday magic shenanigans. Don’t get these types of pics very often so, with mom’s permission, I’m sharing here.

Owen performing at kid birthday party with many adults seen laughing.

Also, as noted on my birthday party services page, ‘bunny banner’ photos are taken by party hosts to share with parents. And, if the family pooch is chill, it can get one too…!

cute dog with face in bunny banner

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