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Preschool & Montessori Graduation

Most preschool and Montessori type programs wrap up their year mid June.

If you’d like to add a bit of magical fun to your graduation day events drop me a line here. Magic shows run about 30 minutes and feature lots of bright visual tricks, routines, and silly bits of fun for younger kids.

If your graduation party includes their older school age siblings and/or families it’s easy enough to adjust the show content to make it more of a family friendly show.

Dismissal treat shows also available for JK/SK/Gr 1 age range school kids too. Ask!

Running summer camp programs in July or August? Send me a few details about your camp event thru my magic show contact form here.

First Communion Party

First holy communion parties are part of the calendar during April and May.

After the ceremony it’s time for some fun for the kids!

As an interlude while adults enjoy their meals or for the whole gang, 1st communion magic shows can be a hoot.

Naturally your first communion child is featured. They will help me with a special routine during the show but don’t worry, the other kids also participate, either as on-stage helpers or call/response style from their seats.

If multiple families are celebrating together no problem; both communion kids will be featured helpers in their own magical routines.

For a magician in Hamilton or Burlington area your first communion pricing is same as for my in-home birthday party shows.

For in-home 1st communion parties a little further away in communities like Milton, Oakville, Grimsby, Brantford or similar distances, it’s a wee bit more.

My contact info is here.

If your first holy communion event is a larger affair, in a hall for example, please inquire. I’ll need more info before quoting.

OWOW Magic Festival Returns!

In October 2019 it was my pleasure to perform at the OWOW Magic Festival.

(Blog post about my prior involvement here. Fun video of me from the event here.)

Well, after a 2 year Covid-19 hiatus, the OWOW returns with a schedule which again thoughtfully includes a family matinee. I’m not part of the line-up this time but that’s OK, it’s going to be a great show for families.

This matinee show will run about an hour; just about right length for families with kids. Afterwards it’ll still be daylight. Plenty of time to explore Fergus, Ontario, see the Elora Gorge and enjoy the fall colours.

A great autumn road trip possibility for the family. Ticket info here.

Magic festival's listing details for this October 2022 family magic show event.

BTW, the OWOW Magic Festival activities are part of a larger Centre Wellington Township event called Monster Month which features ghost walks, a costume parade and other ♫ spooooky ♫ community events.

Monster Month event schedule here.

Fond Memories

The other night I received this lovely message through my website contact form:

“This is just a hello. I was tidying and came across your business card from 1995 (of course no website or email address) when you entertained our 6 year old daughter and her friends. We have a picture of her as a rabbit coming out of a hat and a slightly younger you holding the image.
Fond memories, thank you”


These random hellos are always a treat. I’ve had them at the mall or in restaurants but this one, from about 27 years ago, takes the time-travel gold medal! Performers often like to say their show will create memories that will last a lifetime. I don’t go in for such clichés but I’m always delighted to have helped a tiny bit.

Sent a quick reply back and next day J.V., the birthday kid’s dad, sent a photo. Still have that tie tucked away somewhere but the coat is looooong gone!

Owen performing at birthday party in 1990s.
Still offer this fun photo opportunity at parties!