Owen when he was a super cute baby.
Owen (8 months)

Hamilton Ontario magician Owen Anderson is a family entertainer who’s been performing for many years. His first magic trick was escaping from the kitchen infant seat his father built thinking it would buy him enough time to get through at least one section of the newspaper. Alas…

Owen when he was a teenage magic nerd.
Owen (188 months)

Owen began learning magic tricks from books at the library, from prezzies his parents picked up at magic shops while on vacations and from interactions with the local ‘junior’ magician scene. He was also inspired by magical mentors including a Sunday school teacher, a high school teacher and “TV Magician” Ron (♫ It’s Magic! ♫) Leonard who regularly appeared on CTV’s The Uncle Bobby Show way back when. Before too long Owen had more magic props than any kid in the whole world and began doing shows…

Owen currently: a tall, dark and handsome hunk on the cusp of his Silver Fox years. Just kidding, it's me at a birthday party.
Owen (6,789 months…)

Performing as himself (for adults, usually), or as one of his kid friendly alter-egos, Magical Mr. Oh! or Professor Buffle, he performs in-person at birthdays, libraries, fall fairs, company Christmas parties, schools and many other family friendly events throughout southern Ontario.
During the challenging Covid-19 period the world went through he also performed ‘virtually’ (and much further afield!) via the Zoom meeting portal.

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