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Pick a Card…

Was watching a webcast not too long ago and business cards came up. Are they still relevant in our digital age? The webcast host seemed to think so.

Haven’t actually had one for quite a while but motivated by the webcast I decided to play with an idea I had of splitting my top hat graphic. So I purchased a ‘gig’ on

Fiverr is a listing site where people all over the world who do digital jobs hang out a shingle. From business card design to Photoshop work, voice overs and much more. I’ve purchased about 75 gigs on Fiverr over the years with generally good results although there have been a few spectacular dogs along the way too. Caveat emptor!

After perusing a few pages of business card offerings I bought a gig from this chap in Peru. I sent him my rough sketch and this mock up arrived about a day later:

I liked the look. Didn’t request any revisions to his design. A happy Fiverr experience!

Next purchase was 500 biz cards from online printer Vistaprint. I use them regularly and they usually do a good job. This was the result:

Trimmed the bottom two with a corner rounder myself just to see what it looks like. Square or round, which corner look do you prefer?

So, if I’m at your house for a birthday party magic show, you now know the story behind the wee pile of business cards I might ‘accidentally’ leave behind!

“Was a pleasure to work with!”

Did a fun “Happy Noon Year” magic show program at Cedarbrae Library on December 31st. We wrapped up the show just in time to do a 12 noon countdown with the kids followed by snacks the librarian had prepared.

This lovely review was posted to my Google business listing shortly after the new year:

I hired him for a family program (over 100 people in attendance). While the kids and parents were giggling and enjoying themselves, my colleagues and I were rolling on the floor laughing at his jokes. He combines magic and comedy perfectly. I would hire him again! Beforehand, he was very considerate and asked if it would be appropriate to do a Christmas joke, did we want him to touch on this holiday or not, etc. Was a pleasure to work with!”

Click here to see full review on my Google Business listing.

OWoW Festival summary

During the last weekend of October I had the pleasure of participating in the Ontario Week of Wonder festival.
The organizer of the fest, Ryan Joyce, has written up a thorough summary to tie things off and yours truly, along with my excellent performing partner for the weekend, Peter Mennie, get a nice mention near the bottom of the scroll.
But, if you’re sharp eyed, you might see me in a photo on stage with a buncha munchkins about a quarter way down the scroll!

No quarters required…

One of my weekend Christmas parties was for an auto parts manufacturing company. At this event I did ‘strolling magic’ instead of a staged show. Strolling tricks is another customer option which often fits better for ‘open house’ style events.

Just off the factory floor I saw this nifty ‘vending’ machine filled with consumable shop supplies workers might regularly require on the job. Swipe your ID card to ‘buy’ something. I had never seen a vending machine like this before.

I’m guessing linking to the employee ID helps keep an eye on, er, I believe they call it shrinkage, too!

(photo taken with staff permission)

Company Christmas Party review…

“Thank you very much to the Magical Mr. Oh! for making our party such a success. The kids and parents who attended had a wonderful time. The show was filled with magic and humour, and as promised a lot of audience (kids) participation. The Magical Mr. Oh! delivered on everything he promised, he arrived early and was ready to start on time; and the show was just the right length of time to keep the kids (of all ages) entertained. Thank you again!!”

This past weekend I did a Christmas Party for a company that was booked through an entertainment listing website. My contact for the party just posted this lovely review here: