Virtual Shows

Virtual birthday magic show visits via Zoom run approximately 25-30 minutes and are currently $125.00.

These shows are intended for smaller groups. While I’ve done lots of in-person shows I’m still getting used to performing in this new virtual format and have priced accordingly.

If you are holding a larger event via Zoom I’ll need more info to price it properly. Please contact via link below and I’ll be in touch.

In-Person Shows

Currently in-person shows can only be presented in accordance with local CV-19 regulations. Info here:
Virtual show will give you better value & more options during this strange time we’re all in.

When available, in Hamilton & Burlington area, the in-person show package is $225.00 all in.

If you’re further away, Milton, Oakville or Grimsby, for example, it’s $250.00 all in.

These prices are for a typical kid birthday party in your home.

For other areas and other events please inquire.