Stuff to do #2

Back in October 2019 I was a part of the Ontario Week of Wonder Magic Festival in Fergus, Ontario.
At that time I got to meet Carisa Hendrix who performs a cool magic show in character as her charming and cheeky alter ego Lucy Darling.
Carisa has just uploaded a lovely high quality performance of her show “Indulgence” recently performed at The Chicago Magic Lounge.
It runs about an hour. It’s for adults, small kids won’t appreciate her wit, but if you’re a little older and looking to fill an hour of your ‘social distancing’ you could do worse! Enjoy!

Here is the YouTube link but the frame below should play too.

Montessori Birthday

“Thanks Owen. It was great having you here. Look forward to more. You were amazing.”

Chawla Family, Niagara Falls

Most of my birthday party magic shows are in private homes. Occasionally rec centres or church halls and every now and then kind parents think outside of the living room.
Last Thursday the parents of a 6 year old girl decided to share the fun with her Montessori school mates by holding her birthday magic show in the gym at Pathways Academy shortly before dismissal. A treat to end the school day.
After setting up I had a few minutes so I snapped pics of these fun wall paintings encouraging different kinds of physical activity.
Four shown but others included Wiggle, Jog, Spin, Dance, Tiptoe, and Slink. I had to look slink up in the dictionary. For this PE context (gliding steps) it checks out…!

Postal Magic?

Saw this news item being re-posted all over Facebook but, as the original story is from the CBC, I figure it’s legit.

Fred, a WW2 vet soon to turn 100, is requesting cards for his birthday.

Click here for the original CBC story.

Some of these types of ‘feel good’ pieces are bogus or long out-of-date but this one rings true so what the heck, I’ve got a stamp and card to spare!
If you’re reading this before March 6, 2020 you can deliver a little postal magic too!