Gregory Hines

American actor and tap dance prodigy Gregory Hines rests in a small cemetery in Oakville, Ontario.
Had known about this local graveyard curiosity for some time. My travels recently took me by St. Volodymyr’s so I decided to pay my respects.
He shares the plot with his Canadian partner, Negrita Jayde.

Gravestone of Gregory Hines and partner. It has 3 etched images of Mr. Hines dancing on it.
Mementos on the grave speak to regular visitations.

There are many ways to learn more online, like his IMDb page, but here’s a bittersweet clip of Hines with Sammy Davis Jr.
Mr. Davis passed away just a few month after this, his 60th Anniversary in Showbiz special, aired.

You can find additional info on the Find-A-Grave website.

OWOW Magic Festival Returns!

In October 2019 it was my pleasure to perform at the OWOW Magic Festival.

(Blog post about my prior involvement here. Fun video of me from the event here.)

Well, after a 2 year Covid-19 hiatus, the OWOW returns with a schedule which again thoughtfully includes a family matinee. I’m not part of the line-up this time but that’s OK, it’s going to be a great show for families.

This matinee show will run about an hour; just about right length for families with kids. Afterwards it’ll still be daylight. Plenty of time to explore Fergus, Ontario, see the Elora Gorge and enjoy the fall colours.

A great autumn road trip possibility for the family. Ticket info here.

Magic festival's listing details for this October 2022 family magic show event.

BTW, the OWOW Magic Festival activities are part of a larger Centre Wellington Township event called Monster Month which features ghost walks, a costume parade and other ♫ spooooky ♫ community events.

Monster Month event schedule here.

Another Happy Mom Review

Always a delight when you learn the birthday mom has left a review.
“Worth every penny…” — Google, you can share these any time you like!
After a birthday party magic show this past weekend the birthday girl’s magical mom kindly did just that. It’s now part of my Google business listing but sharing here:

We had Owen join us for my daughters 10th birthday party.
He was amazing! The kids and adults had a blast. He was entertaining and patient, as some of the kids were late to the party and he accommodated. Worth every penny, the laughter and joy was priceless. Thank you for helping make special memories!

S. Mendoza
Hamilton, ON

Incidentally, this birthday party & magic show was held in the Churchill Park Clubhouse. It’s a lovely city owned rental space in the west end. You can find out more about this and other city owned recreation facility locations here.

Birthday Candle Tip

New candles take longer to light the first time. If you’re using fresh birthday candles take a moment and light them before your party starts. It’ll burn off the excess fuzz/residue/wax on the wick. Only takes a few seconds to do this. Then extinguish and stick ’em in your cake.

Having been ‘primed’ the candles will light more quickly the second time around. No excess fuzz/residue/wax will drop onto your cake either. When the pressure is on with excited birthday party kids at your kitchen table pounding their forks you’ll appreciate those seconds you saved.

Three birthday candles.

A Stand-Up Guy

OK kids, step right up and join me in The Wayback Machine for a moment…!

Easter weekend I received an out-of-the-blue message from Bill Davern. We first met doing stand-up comedy on amateur nights at Yuk Yuk’s way back when. Eventually we both progressed enough that they started paying us to do it. Bill travelling much further along that road than me.

Said he recently received video from a night of stand-up comedy recorded by Cable 14, the local community access channel. This was at the original Hamilton Yuk Yuk’s located downstairs in the Royal Connaught Hotel. Video is 35 years old but, then as now, Cable 14 staff and volunteers know their business so it’s a decent record of the night. Bill was letting me know he posted it on his his YouTube channel.

So here, in all its nerdy glory, is my 2nd time ever doing stand-up. November 4th 1987. Huzzah!

Watching this time capsule reminded me that when I started doing stand-up I also decided to work clean. No foul language. Then as now I do magic shows for children and family audiences. Didn’t want to ever worry about these two worlds accidentally colliding. I’ve never regretted that choice.

So, while you may cringe at my jokes, you won’t cringe at my language. Mister Peabody (and Sherman) would no doubt approve. Enjoy, if you dare!