Stuff to do #7

I’m a regular visitor to a groovy aggregator site called, (Home of Fine Hypertext Products!), lotsa fascinating links updated almost daily.

A recent post featured some far-out (am I still allowed to use that expression, far-out?) printable colouring sheets for kids and, I suppose, these days, adults too. All drawn by a generous chap named Mackenzie Child.

Here’s the link to his website. Enjoy!

You can also click on the photo below.

Stuff to do #6

Many of my magic shows, especially in the summer, are for library systems so I follow a lot of libraries on my socials. The Burlington Public Library has compiled a wonderful and extensive list of activities: storytimes, online museums, popular kid author websites, and curriculum based links. All vetted by their Children’s Services staff. Great range of activities for the whole family. Worth a look.
Click here to check out things to do when the library is closed.

Stuff to do #5

Two more family friendly social isolation options for you…

A whole whack of magicians will be coming together online to present a magic show on Wednesday April 1st at 2:00 pm EDT.

This will be on the Magic And Miracles Facebook page.

Click here for all the event details. You’ll need to be signed into your FB account for this one.

Free. They will probably solicit donations during to benefit a charity called A Kid Again.

And at 7:00 pm the same night another online magic show hosted by Greg Frewin with a different line up. Also free with this one to benefit the Niagara SPCA.

Frewin’s is a YouTube live stream thingy. Click below on Wednesday night although you may need to click thru to YT proper to see it. No biggie, I hope.

Guessing both events should run 75-90 minutes.

Stuff to do #4

OK, last post, Stuff #3, was aimed at older kids, so this one is for parent’s with much younger munchkins…
The Mississauga Public Library has a fun story line for little kids.
1 (905) 615-3500 then choose option 5.

They are updating it a couple of times a day during the extended C19 ‘social distancing’ break we’re all on.
Great option if you’re in Southern Ontario — depending on your phone plan. If you’re that one person in France who reads my blog maybe not so much…!

Stuff to do #3

Perhaps you’ve seen a book called Magic For Dummies. One of a gazillion yellow paperback titles in the ‘Dummies’ family. MFD was written by David Pogue who’s better known as a tech writer and broadcaster.

It’s a pretty good magic book (despite the title!) and Mr. Pogue’s interest in magic is long standing. In fact, he appears on the cover of the wonderful early 1970s Magic Digest by George Anderson (no relation)…

Mr. Pogue’s Making Stuff series from PBS is available for families to explore. Many aspects of STEM are covered. Great stuff if your kids are a bit older.
Just a heads up during this time of self isolation…

Stuff to do #2

Back in October 2019 I was a part of the Ontario Week of Wonder Magic Festival in Fergus, Ontario.
At that time I got to meet Carisa Hendrix who performs a cool magic show in character as her charming and cheeky alter ego Lucy Darling.
Carisa has just uploaded a lovely high quality performance of her show “Indulgence” recently performed at The Chicago Magic Lounge.
It runs about an hour. It’s for adults, small kids won’t appreciate her wit, but if you’re a little older and looking to fill an hour of your ‘social distancing’ you could do worse! Enjoy!

Here is the YouTube link but the frame below should play too.