Bored Games? — Stuff to do #11

Are you surviving these strange times? Personally I need my barber but at this point would settle for your dog groomer…!

I have mentioned the wonderful aggregator site,, before. Lots of fascinating posts covering a broad range of topics.

A recent link was to a list of online resources for those into board games, card games and puzzles.

It’s a Google doc and you can see it by clicking here.

Old favourites and new challenges; there’s bound to be something for every Social Isolationist’s (is that a real name yet? barf!) interest be it individual or family.

Online Magic Show! — Stuff to do #9

While I decide if I’m going to ‘socially isolate’ or ‘socially distance’ today here’s another family friendly event for the housebound hoards…

Greg Frewin and friends are back for a 2nd live stream magic show tomorrow evening, April 15/20, at 7:00 pm Eastern. Looks like a magic great line-up including some Las Vegas regulars!

Again free with any donated proceeds to benefit the Niagara SPCA.

Frewin’s production is a YouTube live stream thingy. Click below on Wednesday night although you may need to click thru to YT proper to see it. No biggie, I hope.

YouTube link here: