Tag: Family Pet

Rabbit Dog!

A ‘rabbit dog’ beats a ‘rabid dog’ every time! This family’s very chill mutt wanted in on the action at a recent birthday party gig. Usually we just take souvenir pictures of the kids looking like a bunny but, hey, if the family pupper cooperates an extra magical birthday memory results. Too funny!

A very funny mutt with its face sticking through my rabbit banner.

“Thank you for an amazing backyard performance! Kids ranging from 4 to 12 and you keep them all engaged and entertained (including us adults too). Highly recommend! Even the dog is still talking about it!”
–quote from birthday mum’s ‘5 Star’ review left on my Google biz page.

Photo Fun!

When the magic show is over you can take photos of all the kids looking like a bunny. These are fun to share with the parents as a souvenir.
At this particular birthday party the family pet posed too!

Chill mutt posing for bunny banner.