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Library Activities List — Stuff to do #6

Many of my magic shows, especially in the summer, are for library systems so I follow a lot of libraries on my socials. The Burlington Public Library has compiled a wonderful and extensive list of activities: storytimes, online museums, popular kid author websites, and curriculum based links. All vetted by their Children’s Services staff. Great range of activities for the whole family. Worth a look.
Click here to check out things to do when the library is closed.

Phone a story! — Stuff to do #4

OK, last post, Stuff #3, was aimed at older kids, so this one is for parent’s with much younger munchkins…
The Mississauga Public Library has a fun story line for little kids.
1 (905) 615-3500 then choose option 5.

They are updating it a couple of times a day during the extended C19 ‘social distancing’ break we’re all on.
Great option if you’re in Southern Ontario — depending on your phone plan. If you’re that one person in France who reads my blog maybe not so much…!

Auto magic?

Was at the grocery store the other day and saw this quirky ride in the parking lot. It was hard to miss.

Reminded me of another bedazzled vehicle so I dug through my photos and found this. Same license plate, natch!

HALLE must be only part way through decorating her new ride. I can still see the truck! Of course, I may need to update this blog post in 2 years…!