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My magic chair…

I always touch base with my birthday moms a few days before the show to say hello and review details. At that time I usually request a folding style chair be made available for my use.
Used while setting up and helps me get down closer to eye level with the kids for a couple of bits in the show.
At this recent party the artistic birthday girl went all-in leaving no doubt which chair was for me. She even added the (often overlooked) exclamation point to Mr. Oh!
Love it when I see this type of kid engagement. Not surprisingly this party was a joy to perform at.

Family Friendly Fun!

Birthday shows are for the kids but I love it when the adults stick around to watch. It can make the show truly family friendly fun.

At one recent birthday party, a return visit for a now 8 year old girl, there was a lovely gaggle of family and friends present. These ‘big kids’ enjoyed the show too. It doesn’t happen every show but when it does there’s an extra layer of fun to be had; subtle jokes and gags I can toss in to keep the big kids on their toes.

Received a lovely email from this birthday party mom afterwards which included pics of adult reactions to birthday magic shenanigans. Don’t get these types of pics very often so, with mom’s permission, I’m sharing here.

Also, as noted on my birthday party services page, ‘bunny banner’ photos are taken by party hosts to share with parents. And, if the family pooch is chill, it can get one too…!

Pick a Card…

Was watching a webcast not too long ago and business cards came up. Are they still relevant in our digital age? The webcast host seemed to think so.

Haven’t actually had one for quite a while but motivated by the webcast I decided to play with an idea I had of splitting my top hat graphic. So I purchased a ‘gig’ on

Fiverr is a listing site where people all over the world who do digital jobs hang out a shingle. From business card design to Photoshop work, voice overs and much more. I’ve purchased about 75 gigs on Fiverr over the years with generally good results although there have been a few spectacular dogs along the way too. Caveat emptor!

After perusing a few pages of business card offerings I bought a gig from this chap in Peru. I sent him my rough sketch and this mock up arrived about a day later:

I liked the look. Didn’t request any revisions to his design. A happy Fiverr experience!

Next purchase was 500 biz cards from online printer Vistaprint. I use them regularly and they usually do a good job. This was the result:

Trimmed the bottom two with a corner rounder myself just to see what it looks like. Square or round, which corner look do you prefer?

So, if I’m at your house for a birthday party magic show, you now know the story behind the wee pile of business cards I might ‘accidentally’ leave behind!

Happy Mom!

Performers love happy customers!
This wonderful unsolicited email from a birthday mom arrived a few hours after I wrapped up a show in their home this past Sunday.
Love getting these.

“Thank you so much for the memorable performance. You were wonderful! Everyone spoke highly of your performance when you left. My sincere apologies for not saying good bye! ┬áIt was hectic and I wanted to keep the kids out of your way while you packed up. Thank you again and if you ever need a reference, please feel free to use me. I will be sure to spread the word to other parents looking for fun birthday party ideas.”

–Leanne F.
–Burlington, ON

Bunny Cupcakes

Instead of a cake the birthday mom for this 6 year old boy’s party made bunny cupcakes to compliment her ‘magician’ theme decorations. The ears are split marshmallows pressed into coloured sugar. The eyes and teeth are ready-made confections from a store.
If these bunnies look a little nervous I think it’s because they know what’s about to happen to them. Mmmm!