Cool Public Shows for the Family

I’m pleased to be a part of the Ontario Week of Wonder (OWOW!) being held in beautiful Fergus Ontario at the end of October.

There will be a Canadian Stars of Magic Show on Friday Night, Oct 25th, and an International Stars Show on Saturday night, Oct 26th.

Two of the Friday evening performers, Carisa Hendrix and Nicholas Wallace, have appeared on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us.

Nick also appeared on America’s Got Talent.

On Thursday evening, Oct 24th, world travelling (and Fergus resident) entertainer Ryan Joyce will be performing his comedy hypnosis show.

As part of OWOW there will also be other events in local restaurants and some Halloween related shenanigans as well.

Oh!, and it’s a, cough, cough, big Oh! on Saturday (26th) and Sunday (27th) afternoon at 2:00 pm I, Magical Mr. Oh! (see what I did there…?) along with another fine family performer, Peter Mennie, will be presenting a family friendly show for the kids.
(I’d link to my own website but, you know, if you’re reading this you’re on it so…!)

There’s something for everyone!

All info here:

Bunny Cupcakes

Instead of a cake the birthday mom for this 6 year old boy’s party made bunny cupcakes to compliment her ‘magician’ theme decorations. The ears are split marshmallows pressed into coloured sugar. The eyes and teeth are ready-made confections from a store.
If these bunnies look a little nervous I think it’s because they know what’s about to happen to them. Mmmm!

Emoji Theme party

A recent magic show birthday party I did featured a mix of commercially purchased and home made Emoji party decorations.
One of the party activities for the kids was to make Emoji balls.

Mom & Dad helped the kids fill yellow balloons with rice using a funnel in the balloon’s neck. The kids then decorated the rice filled balloons to make their own Emojis. (Filling will go faster with a wider bore funnel.)

Parents might want to experiment with different markers before the party as the Sharpies used here smudged a bit. Expo low odour dry erase markers might be a good choice. The dry erase ink actually becomes permanent on latex balloons for reasons you’ll need an organic chemist to explain.

Parties with structured activities like this are always better for kids than the ‘free range’ variety. Bravo Mom & Dad! Google ‘diy emoji stress balls’ for more info.

Birthday Butterflies!

I recently attended a party for a friend’s elderly dad as a guest. No magic show required for this one. His grand daughter spent hours hand painting the fondant icing with food colouring. The result was a beautiful cake that was almost too good to eat. Almost…!