Virtual Magic Shows

Info on in-person birthday magic shows here.

Smiling magician in costume giving thumbs up gesture while holding laptop computer.

Zoom magic shows for birthdays!

When we can’t gather in-person but still have magical fun online!

How your virtual magician birthday party visit will work:
I’ll join your Zoom online birthday party event as a guest. Off-the-top we’ll spend a couple of minutes with hellos, jokes and riddles; a little audience participation as I get to know the names of the kids attending. Then, once mom/dad indicate that everyone is present, the magic show begins.

While all the kids will participate the focus is, naturally, on your birthday child. The birthday boy or girl will help me do a couple of special tricks including making a gift magically appear in the room they are in (see video below). After the show the kids and I chit-chat for a minute or two during which I can answer those Meet-the-Wizard magic questions kids sometimes have.
Then I’ll say my goodbyes and turn things back over to mom/dad.

Your virtual magic show will run about 20 minutes with the hellos and good byes adding a few more for about 25 minutes total time. It’s an easy length to add to your Zoom birthday party event yet not so long that zoom fatigue sets in.

As mentioned above one interactive trick has a gift for your birthday kid disappear from a magic box in my hands and reappear in your home! This performance clip gives you the idea:

BTW, this special bit of magical fun requires help from mom or dad to pull off. A brief phone chat is needed a couple days before the show to set things up. We’ll work out the technical details about the ‘gift’ at that time.

Ruler in front of magic prop showing size limit for virtual gift trick.
Your gift for this feature trick can be up to 9 x 9 x 20 cm.

Shows feature a mix of tricks which change based on age. Easy to follow visual magic for the younger kids to more complex routines for older. Some will be stand-up tricks while for others I may be seated. When kids are a bit older I can even teach them a trick if you like.

Magician teaching trick via webcam during virtual show.
Teaching a trick to kids via Zoom.

Another look at the magic box trick. (2nd item on clip)

Small pile of traditional black and white magic wands.
Online magic wands mixing with offline wands, hopefully not for too long…!