Virtual Library

30 minute virtual magic show for libraries with local customized content added per your requests. This video was done for Oshawa Libraries. I have added on-screen notes showing where it can be adapted to your library system. Segments where I mention OPL get re-done to mention your library. Contact me for more info.

You can see the original OPL video on their Facebook page at this link. Over 1000 views as of this writing!

Possible future versions of this can feature Sherlock Holmes, Halloween, Winter Break, Family Day, March Break and December 31st Happy Noon Year countdown shows.

Virtual Magic Classes

30 minute online magic classes via Zoom or Webex. I join your event and teach 3 or 4 tricks with plenty of kid interaction. Works best with smaller groups. Last one I did 20 registered and 14 showed up. We did 4 tricks in 30 minutes. Contact me for more info.

Magician teaching tricks to kids via webcam during online library program.
Playing to the camera.