Holiday Magic

In-person Shows

Holiday magic shows are available for company parties, family events, and community groups of all types.

30 minute family friendly comedy shows with a couple of the magical routines featuring seasonal imagery such as Rudolph and Santa.

As always with my shows there’s lots of of audience participation.
Kids will be helping me do tricks both on-stage and by doing call/response from their seats all through the show.

If your “Santa” is to appear right after my show I’d be happy to lead the kids in a round of ♫ Jingle Bells ♫ to welcome your Santa into the room.

Non-denominational shows are always available for those groups who don’t celebrate Christmas.

For a video sample click here.

Contact page click here.

Online Shows

For 2022 season please ask about Zoom ‘virtual’ shows for your holiday event.
Holiday show description info as above and on my virtual birthday page. We can make a gift or a couple of small gifts appear for the kids watching the show. These can be from Santa, Grandma or even ‘Uncle Fester,’ whatever your family requests. For a company’s virtual show we can make a holiday card appear in the home directing employee’s children to a specific location in their own home where their company gift will be awaiting discovery.

See the gift box video on my virtual birthday page for an example of this.

All shows in keeping with current health guidance.
As of Fall 2022 — no restrictions.